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Current dissertations

Student/Studentin Betreuer (Mentor) Titel
Arrigoni, Anna Auer (Piller) The Leeuwin current system during the middle pleistocene: Foraminiferal assemblage and stable isotope analysis
Bartosch, Thorsten Stüwe (Winkler) Dynamics of Sediment Refilling of the Po Plain since the Messinian Crisis
Bertolotti, Giulia Winkler, Fischer (Birk) Climate Change Impact on Intact Rock Glaciers – A Hydrogeological Approach
Del Gaudio, Arianna Piller (Kurz) Foraminifera and Calcareous Nannofossils Biostratigraphy and Palaeocecology of the Mariana convergent margin
Feichtinger, Iris Harzhauser , Guinot (Auer)

Elasmobranch diversity across the K/Pg boundary in the Tethyan realm

Forstner, Veronika Birk (Kurz) Impact of climate change on soil hydraulic properties and root water uptake - a lysimeter approach
Haas, Isabella Kurz (Fritz) Pre-Alpine Evolution of the Seckau-Schladming Nappe System
Hechemer, Tamara Auer (Piller) Intermediate water variability in the Middle to Late Miocene Indian Ocean - Stable Isotope Analysis and Foraminifera assemblages along a N-S transects (ODP Sites 752,707 and 722)
Kainz, Simon Winkler (Birk) Impact of rock glaciers in alpine headwaters on downstream river systems with regard to climate change
Kokimova, Ainur Birk (Winkler) Sustainable use of groundwater resources under changing climate conditions and the transition to a low-carbon society - hydrogeological constraints vs. societal demands
Löberbauer, Marlene Meijers, Kurz (Auer) Tectonics-climate interactions in the early to middle Miocene Dinaride Lake System
Puentes Jorge, Xabier Auer (Meijers) Calcareous nannofossils assemblages during Middle-Late Miocene to reconstruct Indian Ocean paleoproductivitz (ODP sites 707-752)

Salazar-Rios, Andres Felipe

Gross (Piller)

Contribution to the knowledge of Neotropical fossil ostracods, with focus on the Pebas System (Amazonia, Miocene) and adjacent North Andean Basins

Santitharangkun, Srett Hauzenberger (Kurz)

Petrogenesis and Geochronology of Granitoid Rocks and their Embedding Basement Rocks, Inthanon Zone, Northern Thailand and Sibumasu Terrane, Eastern Myanmar

Sawasdee, Pornchanit Hauzenberger (Kurz) Greenschist and blueschist facies mafic-ultramafic rocks from the Nan-Uttaradit complex: a petrological, geochemical and geochronological study
Scheiblhofer, Esther Winkler, Katzensteiner (Birk) Effects of climate change on Austrians forests - hydrological constraints of dynamic water-soil interactions
Seelig, Magdalena Winkler (Birk) Characterization of springs and their catchments with regard to climate change

Vremec, Matevž

Birk (Winkler)

Impacts of warming and elevated CO2 concentration on the hydrology of mountain grasslands

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