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RAMAN Microspectrometer HORIBA Jobin Yvon HR-800

The Raman Microspectrometer is equipped with a 633nm He-Ne-Laser, a 532nm Nd-YAG- and a 325nm He-Cd Laser. It is best suited for a structural identification of minerals and mineral inclusions in metamorphic and unmetamorphosed rocks.  In combination with a heating and freezing stage (Linkam THMS 600), it is additionally used for identification and characterization of fluid inclusions. Another application is the preparation of mappings using a motorized X-Y stage (≥ 0.1μm step size). This can be applied to melt inclusions or Si-wafer detecting the shift in Si peak position (see examples below):


Spektrometrie zum Nachweis von Mikrodiamanten
 Untersuchung von Flüssigkeitseinschlüssen
Silizium-peak-shift mapping
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