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Scanning Electron Microscope "DSM 982 Gemini"

Bild der AnlageThe Institute for Earth Sciences is equipped with a Zeiss Digital Scanning Electron Microscope (DSM 982 Gemini). The facility is a cold field emission electron microscope oriented towards high resolution imaging. Different detectors (BSE detector, SE detector) can be used for imaging.
BeispielaufnahmeThe instrument is mainly used for mapping the topography or surface relief of a sample. Magnifications of 50 000 and more can be reached easily.

Energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX)


Additionally the DSM is equipped with an energy dispersive X-ray analysis facility (EDX) for chemical microanalysis. This facility is able to detect element-characteristic X-ray signals emitted from sample surfaces hit by the electron beam. This allows mapping of selected elements in a 4-quadrant image in different colours. This instrument is mainly used for semi quantitative chemical analysis and mapping.

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