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Werner E. Piller - Michael W. Rasser (eds.)

Paleogene of the Eastern Alps

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The Paleogene was a period of dynamic global and regional changes. Plate tectonics led to the closure of the Tethys, the opening of the Northern Atlantic, and the separation of Antarctica. The biotic development during the Paleogene was influenced by dramatic climatic and eustatic sea-level changes as well as by a remarkable incision at the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary, which led to subsequent faunal and floral radiations.

In the Eastern Alps, the interplay of tectonic, atmospheric, and eustatic sea-level changes is expressed by changing distribution patterns of depositional environments during the Paleogene. One of the main driving processes was the subduction of the European Plate under the Adriatic Plate within the Penninic Ocean, representing a prominent phase in Alpine orogeny. The Tethys Ocean vanished completely during the Eocene and the uplift of the Alpine orogen formed an archipelago separating the Paratethys in the North and the Mediterranean Sea in the South.

This volume presents a modern overview of this significant period in the Eastern Alps, comprising a great variety of original presentations and critical reviews. It contains 19 papers covering a wide range of earth science fields: geodynamic, palaeogeographic, and palaeotopographic evolution; facial development; basin analysis; litho- and biostratigraphy; systematic palaeontology and palaeoecology of several organism groups (calcareous nannoplankton, foraminifera, molluscs, bryozoans, echinoids, palynoflora).

795 pages
Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Schriftenreihe der Erdwissenschaftlichen Kommissionen, Band 14
ISBN 3-7001-3011-2
EUR 84.-


RASSER, M. W. & PILLER, W. E.: Paleogene of the Eastern Alps - an Introduction

KURZ, W., FRITZ H., PILLER, W.E., NEUBAUER, F. & GENSER, J.: Overview of the Paleogene of the Eastern Alps

WAGREICH, M.: Paleocene - Eocene Paleogeography of the Northern Calcareous Alps (Gosau Group, Austria)

RASSER, M. W. & PILLER, W. E.: Facies Patterns, Subsidence and Sea-Level Changes in Ferruginous and Glauconitic Environments: The Paleogene Helvetic Shelf in Austria and Bavaria

TRAUTWEIN, B., DUNKL, I., KUHLEMANN, J. & FRISCH, W.: Geodynamic Evolution of the Rhenodanubian Flysch Zone - Evidence from Apatite and Zircon Fission-Track Geochronology and Morphology Studies on Zircon

KUHLEMANN, J., FRISCH, W. & DUNKL, I.: The Oligocene Geologic and Paleotopographic Evolution of the Eastern Alps

ORTNER, H. & STINGL, V.: Facies and Basin Development of the Oligocene in the Lower Inn Valley, Tyrol/Bavaria

KAISER, D., RASSER, M. W., NEBELSICK, J. H. & PILLER, W. E.: Late Oligocene Algal Limestones on a Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Ramp at the Southern Margin of the Bohemian Massif (Upper Austria)

KRHOVSKY, J., RÖGL, R. & HAMRSMID, B.: Stratigraphic Correlation of the Late Eocene to Early Miocene of the Waschberg Unit (Lower Austria) with the Zdanice and Pouzdrany Units (South Moravia)

FUCHS, R. R., HAMRSMID, B., KUFFNER, T., PESCHEL, R., RÖGL, F., SAUER, R. & SCHREIBER, O. S.: Mid-Oligocene Thomasl Formation (Waschberg Unit, Lower Austria) - Micropaleontology and Stratigraphic Correlation

RÖGL, F., KRHOVSKY, J., BRAUNSTEIN, R., HAMRSMID, B., SAUER, R. & SEIFERT, P.: The Ottenthal Formation Revised - Sedimentology, Micropaleontology and Stratigraphic Correlation of the Oligocene Ottenthal Sections (Waschberg Unit, Lower Austria)

KURZ, W., NEUBAUER, F., GENSER, J., UNZOG, W. & DACHS, E.: Tectonic Evolution of Penninic Units in the Tauern Window during the Paleogene: Constraints from Structural and Metamorphic Geology

KROH, A., J.: Echinoids from the Danian (Lower Paleocene) Bruderndorf Formation of Austria

EGGER, H. & WAGREICH, M.: Upper Paleocene - Lower Eocene Nannofossils from the Gosau Group of Gams/Styria (Austria)

ZETTER, R. & HOFMANN, C.-C.: New Aspects of the Palynoflora of the Lowermost Eocene (Krappfeld Area, Carinthia)

ZAGORSEK, K.: Upper Eocene Bryozoa from the Alpine Foreland Basin in Salzburg, Austria (Borehole Helmberg-1)

SCHERBACHER, M., SCHMIEDL, G. & HEMLEBEN, C.: Early Oligocene Benthic Foraminifera from the Lower Inn Valley Area: Implications for the Paleoenvironmental Evolution of the Inneralpine Molasse

LÖFFLER, S.-B. & NEBELSICK, J. H.: Paleoecological Aspects of the Lower Oligocene Paisselberg Formation of Bad Häring (Lower Inn Valley, Tyrol) Based on Molluscs and Carbonates

HARZHAUSER, M. & MANDIC, O.: Late Oligocene Gastropods and Bivalves from the Lower and Upper Austrian Molasse Basin

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