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Curriculum vitae

Name: MOGESSIE Aberra
Date of Birth: 26.09.50, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Marital Status: Married (Ketsela Wubneh-Mogessie since 1978)
Children: one daughter (Bruktayit Mogessie, 1979)
Nationality: Austrian (born Ethiopian)
Languages Spoken: German, English, Amharic

University Education

Other training

Appointments / Work Experience

1971-1972 A high school teacher (Ethiopian University Student´s National Service)
1973-1974 Graduate Assistant, Geology Department,Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.
1974-1976 Graduate study, University of Minnesota, U.S.A.
1976-1981 Lecturer-Asst.Professor, Geology Department, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.
1981-1984 PhD study , University of Innsbruck, Austria
1985-1988 Research Fellow University of Innsbruck, Austria:
1989-1992 Lecturer Mining University of Leoben, Austria
1992-1995 Lecturer, University of Graz, Austria
1995 Ao. Univ. Professor, University of Graz, Austria
1999-2001 Chairman, Institute of Mineralogy and Petrology, University of Graz
2001 -2004 Vice Chairman, Institute of Mineralogy and Petrology, University of Graz
2010 -2012 Deputy Chairman of the Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Graz
2011 Appointed as Senior Research Associate, NRRI, University of Minnesota, Duluth, USA

Some Synergetic Activities

1977-1980  Managing Editor/Associate Editor of Sinet: An Ethiopian Journal of Science.( a member of the founding group of the Journal)
Since 1989 Reviewer of scientific papers for the Journals Mineralogy & Petrology, Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, Computers & Geosciences, Journal of African Earth Sciences,American Mineralogist, Canadian Mineralogist etc.
Since 2003 Coordinator for Socrates/Erasmus and CEEPUS scholarships for the Earth Sciences at the University of Graz
2000 Wallbrecher, E., Loizenbauer, J., Fritz, H., Unzog, W., and Mogessie, A. eds. Journal of African Earth Sciences v.30, No.4a, Special Abstract Issue, 18th Colloquium of African Geology, Graz, 3-7-July, 2000
2006 Guest Editor (Proyer and Mogessie):Eclogites and related rocks. Mineralogy and Petrology , vol. 88, No.1-2, PP.1-405. Springer Wien New York.(2006).
2012 External project reviewer for the Czech Science Foundation

Membership in Scientific Societies/Awards and recognitions


Teaching Experience

I have been teaching several courses in Mineralogy, Crystallography , Petrology, Geochemistry and mineral deposits at

In addition to lectures I have given in national and international meetings, I had held

Organized student geological excursions to Cyprus, Ethiopia, Argentina, Bulgaria, USA

Thesis advisor and post doctoral-scholar sponsor


Undergraduate: Klaus Lassnig (BS 2004); Issabella Schneider (BS 2004), Raphael Staunig (BS 2006), Peter Kolleger (2008), Florian Tauber (2008), Sara Raic (2010), Katharina Kuerbisch (2010), Stefan Bruestle (2010)
Graduate: Anja Felfernig (Mag. 1999), Johannes Schafflechner (Mag. 2002), Michael Glaser (Ms. 2002), Christoph Bauer (MS. 2002), Herwig Werner (MS. 2002), Barbara Kosednar (MS. 2003), Heike Wonisch (Ms. 2003), Miriam Baumgartner (Ms 2005), Gregor Scheipl (Ms. 2005), Bernadette Goritschnigg (Ms. 2005), Peter Onuk (2011- ) Christoph Hauzenberger (Dr.rer.nat, -1997); Hans Peter Bojar (Dr.rer.nat, 2000); M.Feichter (Dr.rer.nat., 2006); Florian Gallien (Doctor candidate 2005 – present) Gregor  Scheipl (Doctor candidate 2005 – present);, Sara Raic (2014...)
Co-advisor: Kurt Krenn (Dr.rer.nat., 2001), Kebede Hailu Belete (Dr.rer.nat, 2000), Dejene A. Tessema (Dr.rer.nat., 2001, Chemistry), Milena Giorgieva (PhD Univ. of Sofia, Bulgaria, 2005), Ali Mohammed (PhD candidate,University of Elminia, Egypt , 2003 – present), Lorena Prively (PhD candidate, University of San Juan, Argentina, 2005 – present), Florencia Garguilo (PhD candidate, University of Bahia Blanca, Argentina, 2008); Ahmed Abdulrasheed Aboul-Hassan, University of Sohag, Egypt, 2008), Lorena Prively (PhD candidate, University of San Juan, Argentina, 2014),
Post-doctoral candidates: Timothy Johnson (2000-2002); Gabriella Ferracutti (2005, 2011), Zsolt Benko (2011-2014)

Research Awards and Grants

My main field of research deal with:mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry and mineral deposits.Research Areas are Austria, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania, North America (Minnesota) and Bulgaria.

Recent and Current funding (as project leader) - Austria Science Fund (ca. €100 000 — €300 000 / Project)

1996-1998 FWF-Project P10623-TEC „metamorphism and mineralization, San Luis Province, Central Argentina“.
1998-2002. FWF-Project P12180-TEC Genesis of gold in Strassegg and Pb-Zn in Graz-Paleozoic.
2000-2002 FWF-Project P13643-GEO The petrology and mineralization of the Yubdo-Daleti-Tulu Dimtu mafic-ultramafic rocks and the surrounding basement rocks, Ethiopia.
2005-2009 FWF-Project P17350-N10 The petrology, geochemistry and mineralization of the mafic-ultramafic rocks in the surrounding basement rocks of the La Huerta-Valle Fertil  ranges, San Juan province, Argentina.
2011-2014 FWF-Project P 23157-N21 Role of magma and fluid flow processes in distribution of Cu-Ni and Platinum – Group Elements (Duluth Complex, Minnesota, U.S.A).

Projects where I was involved as a cooperation partner

FWF P9703 –GEO: Geodynamic of the Panafrican orogenesis in North East Africa (Leader: E. Wallbrecher)
FWF P12375-GEO: Geodynamic setting of the Panafrican Orogenesis (Leader: E. Wallbrecher)
FWF P15599-GEO: Panafrican and older tectonic developments in Tanzania (Leader: E. Wallbrecher)

Other projects with Ethiopian colleagues are related to Geotourism in Ethiopia:
Contribution of Geology to the growth of the Tourism Industry in Ethiopia” (Leader: A. Asrat, University of Addis Ababa) – financed by the Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission.

Industry Projects where I was involved as Thesis advisor (Actual titles are given in German)

  1. Leichtmetall Kompetenz Zentrum Ranshofen, Upper Austria
    Christoph BAUER (Msc.  2002): Bildung, Stabilität, Nachweis und Auswirkung von Magnisiumnitrid in Magnesium legierung.

    Michael GLASSER (MSc. 2002): Phaseanalyse von Tiegelschlamm und Krätze in Magnesium – Recycling – Betrieb.
  2. EPCOS OHG (Deutschlandsberg, Styria)
    Barbara KOSEDNAR (MSc. 2003): Piezoaktoren aus verlustarmer Keramikmasse mit Kupfer-Innenelektroden.

    Heike WONISCH (MSc. 2003): Entwicklung von NTC-Thermistoren mit geringer Exemplarschwankung für Hochtemperaturanwendungen
  3. Nanotechnologie Zentrum, Weiz, Styria
    Gregor SCHEIPL (2005): Vorreinigung organischer Pulver sowie deren chemische Characterizierung.
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