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Funded  Research

Applicant, Co-applicant or participant of evaluated and funded research projects:

10/1972-12/1972 FWF-project N 1509 on Geology and Metamorphism in the Kulu Section, NW Himalaya, under the leadership of Univ.-Prof. Dr. W. Frank, University of Vienna (project -participant)
5/1972-4/1974 FWF-PostDoc position for meteorite research under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gero Kurat at the Museum of Natural History of Vienna
5/1974-12/1975 FWF-PostDoc position in metamorphic petrology and electron microprobe operator at the Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography, University of Innsbruck, project leadership: Univ.Prof.Dr. F. Purtscheller
02-03/1976 FWF project on mantle xenoliths in the volcanic regions of Hoggar ,Central Sahara under the leadership of Univ.-Prof. Dr. W. Richter, Vienna, (project – participant)
1976-1984 FWF projects N25 (Geologischer Tiefbau der Ostalpen) and S15 (Early Alpine history of the Eastern Alps) under the leadership of Univ.Prof.Dr. F. Purtscheller, (project-participant)
Until 1984 Research in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicin, University of Innsbruck to detect strange elements in tissues of the human body by means of electron microprobe technique
1984-1986 FWF-project P5150-GEO (applicant, co-applicant Dr. M. Thöni, University of Vienna) on "the correlation of petrological, geochronological and structural evidence in polymetamorphic basement regions"
1.7.1988-30.6.1993 FWF – project S4705 on the prealpine history of the Austroalpine Ötztal basement (applicant) FWF – project S4708 on the prealpine history of the Austroalpine Ultental-basement (applicant, with co-applicant W. Richter, university of Vienna)
1.9.1993-16.2.1997 FWF – project P9686-GEO on prealpine and alpine metamorphism of the Austroalpine basement rocks (applicant)
1.12.1993-30.4.1997 FWF-project P9703-GEO (coapplicant, applicant: o.Univ.-Prof.Dr.E.Wallbrecher, Univ. Graz). Interdisciplinary research in the Eastern Desert in Egypt on the geodynamic evolution of the Panafrican orogen in Northafrica
1.8.1995-31.7.1996 ÖNB-research project Nr. 5428 “Systematik stabiler Isotope in kontaktmetamorphen Karbonaten (applicant)
1.10.1995-30.9.1998 FWF-project P10623-TEC (coapplicant, Project leader: ao.Univ.-Prof.Mag.Dr.A.Mogessie, Univ. Graz) on mineralization and metamorphism of pre-Andean basement rocks in Central Argentina.
1.8.1996-14.11.1999 FWF-project P11583-GEO (coapplicant, applicant: ao.Univ.Prof. Dr. Rainer Abart) on the the application of microthermometry and Raman-microspectrometry in mineralogy with special application to the Austroalpine basement.
1.10.1996-30.9.1998 FWF-project P11368-GEO (applicant) on the Quantitative analysis of light elements with wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometry.
1.5.1997-30.4.1998 FWF Lise Meitner Fellowship Nr. M00417 to Dr. S.W.Faryad “Comparative study of high-pressure rocks between the Eastern Alps and Western Carpathians”, (Co-applicant)
1.1.1998-31.12.2000 FWF-project P12375-GEO "Geodynamic setting of the Panafrican Orogenesis" (coapplicant and leader of the petrology group, applicant: o.Univ.-Prof.Dr.E.Wallbrecher, Univ. Graz)
1.11.1998-20.10.2000 ÖNB-research project Nr. 6750 "Alpidische Metamorphosegradienten" (applicant)
21.4.1999-31.1.2003 FWF- project P13058-GEO (applicant) "The petrologic appearance of SAM (Southern Limit of Alpine Metamorphism) south of the Tauern Window".
1.1.2000-31.12.2001 FWF- project P13643-GEO "Metamorphism and Mineralization of Western Ethiopia" (co-applicant, applicant: ao.Univ.-Prof.Mag.Dr.A.Mogessie, Univ. Graz)
1.8.2001-31.12.2004 FWF-research project P14728-GEO "Fluid Inclusions in Metamorphic Minerals" (applicant, coapplicants Mag. Reinhard Kaindl, Univ. Graz and Univ.Prof.Dr.L.Diamond, Montanuniv. Leoben
15.7.2002-31.12.2006 FWF-project P15599-N06 “Pre Pan-African versus Pan-African evolution in the Mozambique Belt in Tanzania” (project-participant, applicant: o.Univ.-Prof.Dr.E.Wallbrecher, Univ. Graz).
15.3.2003-15.3.2007 FWF- project P16194-N06 (applicant) on “Ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism in the Greek Rhodope massif”.
1.10.2005-30.9.2008 FWF Hertha Firnberg-Nachwuchsstelle T247-N10 to Dr.Veronika Tenczer: “Einblicke in Prozesse der unteren Erdkruste”, (Co-applicant)


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