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Harald Fritz

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DALLMEYER, R.D., NEUBAUER, F., FRITZ, H. (2007): The Meliata suture in the Carpathians: Regional significance and implications for the evolution of high-pressure wedges within collisional orogens.- Journal of the Geological Society, London, special publications (in press)

KRENN, K., FRITZ, H., MOGESSIE, A., SCHAFLECHNER, J. (2007): Late Cretaceous exhumation history of an extensional extruding wedge (Graz Paleozoic Nappe Complex, Austria).- Int J Earth Sci (Geol Rundsch) DOI 10.1007/s00531-007-0221-z, (in press).

TENCZER, V., FRITZ, H., BAUERNHOFER, A., HAUZENBERGER, Ch. (2007): Two Orogens — one Shear Belt: 1Ga of repeated deformation along the Central Tanzanian Shear Belt.- Journal of Structural Geology 29, 1632-1649.

HAUZENBERGER, C.A., SOMMER, H., FRITZ, H., BAUERNHOFER, A., KRÖNER, A., HOINKES, G., WALLBRECHER, E., THÖNI, M. (2007): SHRIMP U–Pb zircon and Sm–Nd garnet ages from the granulite-facies basement of SE Kenya: evidence for Neoproterozoic polycyclic assembly of the Mozambique Belt.- Journal of the Geological Society, London, 164, 189–201

SHALABY, A., STÜWE, K., FRITZ, H., MAKROUM, F. (2006): The El Mayah molasse basin in the Eastern Desert of Egypt.- Journal of African Earth Sciences 45, 1–15.

TENCZER, V., HAUZENBERGER, C.A., FRITZ, H., WHITEHOUSE, M..J., MOGESSIE A., WALLBRECHER, E., MUHONGO, S., HOINKES, G. (2006): Anorthosites in the Eastern Granulites of Tanzania—New SIMS zircon U–Pb age data, petrography and geochemistry.- Precambrian Research 1-2, 85-114.

WÖLFLER, A., RABITSCH, R., FRITZ, H., KURZ, W. (in press): Deformation partitioning within a sinistral transpression zone along the southwestern margin of the Tauern Window (Eastern Alps).- Journal of the Geological Society, London (in press).


FRITZ, H., TENCZER, V., HAUZENBERGER, C.A., WALLBRECHER, E. HOINKES, G., MUHONGO, S., MOGESSIE, A. (2005): Central Tanzanian Tectonic Map (CTTM): A step forward to decipher Proterozoic structural events in the East African Orogen,- Tectonics VOL. 24, TC6013, doi:10.1029/2005TC001796.

BOJAR, A.-V., FRITZ, H., NICOLESCU, S., BREGAR, M., GUPTA, R.P. (2005). Timing and mechanisms of Central Himalayan exhumation: Discriminating between tectonic and erosion processes.- Terra Nova 17, 427-433.

SHALABI, A., STÜWE, K., MAKROUM, F., FRITZ, H., KEBEDE, T., KLÖTZLI, U. (2005): The Wadi Mubarak belt, Eastern Desert of Egypt: a Neoproterozoic conjugate shear system in the Arabian–Nubian Shield.- Precambrian Research 136, 27-50.

GUPTA, R.P., FRITZ, H., BOJAR, A.-V. (2005): On the nature of the South Tibetan Detachment Zone (STDZ), Kumaun.- International Journal of Remote Sensing, 1-4.


HELMY, H.M., KAINDL, R., FRITZ, H., LOIZENBAUER, J. (2004): The Sukari gold mine, Eastern Desert -Egypt: Structural setting, mineralogy and fluid inclusion study.- Mineralium Deposita 39, 495-511.

ROBL, J., FRITZ, H., STÜWE, K., BERNHARD, F. (2004): Cyclic Fluid Infiltration in structurally controlled Ag-Pb-Cu occurrences (Schladming, Eastern Alps).- Chemical Geology 205, 17-36


NEUBAUER, F., DALLMEYER, R.D., FRITZ, H. (2003): Chronological constraints of late- and post-orogenic emplacement of lamprophyre dykes in the southeastern Bohemian Massif, Austria.- Schweiz. Min. Pet. Mitt. 83, 317-330.

KURZ, W., FRITZ, H. (2003): Tectonometamorphic Evolution of the Austroalpine Nappe Complex in the Central Eastern Alps – Consequences for the Eo-Alpine Evolution of the Eastern Alps.- International Geology Review 45, 1100-1127.

KRENN, K., FRITZ, H., BIERMEIER, CH., SCHOLGER, R. (2003): The Oligocene Rensen Pluton (Eastern Alps, South Tyrol): Structures and magma emplacement during plate convergence.- Mitt. Österr. Geol. Ges. 94, 9-26.


BOJAR, A.-V., FRITZ, H., KARGL, S. & UNZOG, W. (2002): Phanerozoic tectonothermal history of the Arabian-Nubian Shield in the Eastern Desert of Egypt: evidence from fission track and paleostress data.- Journal of African Earth Sciences 34, 191-202.

BREGAR M., BAUERNHOFER A., PELZ K., KLÖTZLI U., FRITZ H. & NEUMAYR P. (2002): A late Panafrican magmatic core complex in the Eastern Desert of Egypt: emplacement of granitoids in a wrench-tectonic setting.-: Precambrian Research 118, 59–82

FRITZ, H., DALLMEYER, R.D., WALLBRECHER, E., LOIZENBAUER, J., HOINKES, G., NEUMAYR, P., KDUDEIR, A.A. (2002). Neoproterozoic tectonothermal Evolution of the Central Eastern Desert, Egypt: A slow-velocity tectonic process of Core Complex exhumation, Journal of African Earth Sciences 34, 137-155.

FRITZ, H., LOIZENBAUER, J. (2002): Preface – Aspects of the geological evolution of Africa.- Journal of African Earth Sciences 34, 99-100.

JAKOBSHAGEN, V., MUHONGO, S., FRITZ, H., LOIZENBAUER, J. (2002): Dedication of the Special Issue To Professor Eckart Wallbrecher.- Journal of African Earth Sciences 34, 95-96.

KURZ, W., FRITZ, H., TENCZER, V & UNZOG, W. (2002): Tectonometamorphic evolution of the Koralm Complex (Eastern Alps): Constraints from microstructures and textures of the “Plattengneiss”- shear zone.- Journal of Structural Geology 24, 1957-1970.

PUTIS, M., KORIKOVSKY, S.P., WALLBRECHER, E., UNZOG, W., OLESEN, N.O. & FRITZ, H. (2002): Evolution of an eclogitized continental fragment in the Eastern Alps (Sieggraben, Austria).- Journal of Structural Geology 24, 339-357.


BOJAR, H.-P., BOJAR, A.-V., A. MOGESSIE, A. FRITZ, H. & THALHAMMER O.A.R. (2001) Evolution of veins and sub-economic ore at Strassegg, Paleozoic of Graz, Eastern Alps: evidence for local fluid transport during metamorphism.- Chemical Geology, 175, 757-777.

LOIZENBAUER, J., WALLBRECHER, E., FRITZ, H., NEUMAYR P., KHUDEIR, A.A. & KLOETZLI, U. (2001) Structural geology, single zircon ages and fluid inclusion studies of the Meatiq core complex – Implications for Neoproterozoic tectonics in the Eastern Desert of Egypt.- Precambrian Research, 110, 357-383.

KURZ. W., FRITZ, H., PILLER, W., NEUBAUER, F. & GENSER, J. (2001): Overview of the Paleogene of the Eastern Alps .- in: Piller W., Rasser, W., (eds), Paleogene of the Eastern Alps.- Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften Schriftenreihe der Erdwissenschaftlichen Kommissionen 14, 11-56.


BROSCH, F.J., SCHACHNER, K., BLÜMEL, M., FASCHING, A. & FRITZ, H. (2000): Preliminary investigation results on fabrics and related physical properties of an anisotropic gneiss.- Journal of Structural Geology, 22, 1773-1787.

NEUBAUER, F., FRITZ, H., GENSER, J., KURZ, W., NEMES, F., WALLBRECHER, E., WANG, X., WILLINGSHOFER, E., (2000): Structural evolution within an extruding block; model and application to the Alpine-Pannonian system.- Aspects of tectonic faulting 141-153.


GRASEMANN B., FRITZ H. & VANNAY, J.-C. (1999): Quantitative kinematic flow analyses from the Main Central Thrust Zone (NW-Himalaya, India): implications for a decelerating strain path and extrusion of orogenic wedges.- Journ. Struct. Geol. 21, 837-853.

FRITZ, H. & MESSNER, M. (1999): Intramontane basin formation during oblique convergence in the Eastern desert of Egypt: magmatically versus tectonically induced subsidence. Tectonophysics, 315, 145-162.

LOIZENBAUER, J; WALLBRECHER, E; FRITZ, H. (1999).Formation and structural evolution of the Meatiq metamorphic core complex during post-Rodinian tectonics; a reconstruction by the use of fluid inclusion studies, structural geology and age dating.- Schriften des Forschungszentrum Juelich. Bilateral Seminars of the International Bureau, vol.32, pp.143-148.


DALLMEYER R.D., HANDLER R., NEUBAUER F., & FRITZ H. (1998): Sequence of Thrusting within a Thick-Skinned Tectonic Wedge: Evidence from 40Ar/39Ar and Rb-Sr Ages from the Austroalpine Nappe Complex of the Eastern Alps.- Journal of Geology, 106, 71-86.

DALLMEYER R.D., NEUBAUER F., FRITZ H. & MOCANU V. (1998): Variscan vs. Apline tectonothermal evolution of the Southern Carpathian orogen: constraints from 40Ar/39Ar ages.- Tectonophysics 290, 111-135.

BOJAR A.-V., NEUBAUER F. & FRITZ H. (1998): Cretaceous to Cenozoic thermal evolution of the southwestern South Carpathians: Evidence from fission-track thermochronology.- Tectonophysics 297, 229-249.


PUTIS M., UNZOG W., WALLBRECHER E. & FRITZ H. (1997): Mylonitisation and chemical mass transfer in granitoid rocks of the Vepor Pluton near Cretaceous Pohorela thrust (Veporic Unit, Western Carpathians).- In: GRECULA P., HOVORKA D., PLASIENKA D. & PUTIS M. (eds.): Geological evolution of the Western Carpathians, .197-214.


BREGAR M., FRITZ H. & UNZOG W. (1996): Structural evolution of low angle normal faults SE of the Gabal El Sibai crystalline dome; Eastern Desert, Egypt: Evidence from paleopiezometry and vorticity analyses. Zbl. Geol Paläont (Stuttgart).- 3/4, 243-256.

DALLMEYER R.D., NEUBAUER F., HANDLER R., FRITZ H., MÜLLER W., PANA D. & PUTIS M. (1996): Tectonothermal evolution of internal Alps and Carpathians: Evidence from 40Ar/39Ar mineral and whole-rock data - Eclogae geol. Helv. 89/1, 203-227.

FRITZ H., DALLMEYER R.D. & NEUBAUER F. (1996): Thick-skinned versus thin-skinned thrusting: Rheology controlled thrust propagation in the Variscan collisional belt (The southeastern Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic - Austria), Tectonics 15, 1389-1413.

FRITZ H. (1996): Geodynamic and tectonic evolution of the southeastern Bohemian Massif: The Thaya section (Austria).- Mineralogy and Petrology 58, 253-278.

FRITZ H. & PUHL J. (1996): Granitoid emplacement in a shear-extensional setting: A semiquantitative approach from physical parameters (Eastern Desert, Egypt), Zbl. Geol Paläont (Stuttgart). 3/4, 257-276

FRITZ H., WALLBRECHER E., KHUDIER A.A., ABU EL ELA F & DALLMEYER R.D. (1996): Formation of Neoproterozoic metamorphic core complexes during oblique convergence - Eastern Desert (Egypt), Journal of African Earth Sciences. 23, 311-329.

WALLBRECHER E., FRITZ H. & UNZOG W. (1996): Estimation of the Shape Factor of a Paleo-stress ellipsoid by comparison with theoretical slickenline patterns and application of an Eigenvallue Method - Tectonophysics 255, 177-187.


FRITZ H. (1995): The Raabs Serie: A probable Variscan suture in the SE Bohemian Massif.- Jb. Geol. Bundesanst. 138, 639-653.

FRITZ H. & NEUBAUER F (1995) Structure of the Moravo-Silesian Parautochthon. In: DALLMEYER R.D., FRANKE W. & WEBER K. (eds). Pre-Permian Geology of Central and Eastern Europe, Springer, 490-494.

SCHULMANN K., LOBKOWICZ R., MELKA R. & FRITZ H. (1995): Structure of the Moravo-Silesian allochhonous units. In: DALLMEYER R.D., FRANKE W. & WEBER K. (eds). Pre-Permian Geology of Central and Eastern Europe, Springer, 530-540.


NEUBAUER F. & FRITZ H. (1994): Syn- and post-orogenic lamprophyre dyke systems in the southeastern Bohemian Massif.- Neues Jahrb. Geol. Paläont. 476-486.


FRITZ H. & NEUBAUER F. (1993): Kinematics of crustal stacking and dispersion in the southeastern Bohemian Massif.- Geologische Rundschau 82, 556-565.

WALLBRECHER E., FRITZ H., KHUDIER A.A. & FARAHAD F. (1993): Kinematics of Panafrican thrusting and extension in Egypt.-in Thorweihe & Schandelmeier (ed).- Geoscientific Research in Northeast Afrika, 27-30.


FRITZ H. (1991): Stratigraphie Fazies und Tektonik im zentralen Grazer Paläozoikum (Ostalpen).- Jb. Geol. Bundesanst. 134, 227-255.

FRITZ H. (1991): Strukturelle Entwicklung am Südostrand der Böhmischen Masse.- Arbeittstagung Geol. Bundesanst. 89-97.

FRITZ H., NEUBAUER F. & RATSCHBACHER L. (1991): Compression versus Extension in the Paleozoic of Graz (Eastern Alps).- Zentralbl. Geol. Paläont., 55-68.


FRITZ H. (1990): Structures and kinematics along the Moravian - Moldanubian boundary. Preliminary Results. - Österreichische Beiträge Metereologie Geophysik 3, 77-96.

FRITZ H., SCHRADER F. & WALLBRECHER. E. (1990): Analyses of kinematics in faulted rocks: A methodical comparison with an example from the Eastern Alps (Austria). - Jb. Geol. Bundesanst. 133, 549-560.


WALLBRECHER E. & FRITZ H. (1989): Quantitative evaluation of the shape factor and the orientation of a paleo-stress ellipsoid from the distribution of slickenside striations. - Annales Tectonicae 3, 110-122.


FRITZ H. (1988): Kinematics and geochronology of Early Cretaceous thrusting in the northwestern Paleozoic of Graz (Eastern Alps). - Geodinamica Acta 2, 53-62.

FRITZ H. & NEUBAUER F. (1988): Geodynamic aspects of the Silurian and Early Devonian sedimentation in the Paleozoic of Graz (Eastern Alps). - Schweiz. Mineral. Petrogr. Mitt. 68, 359-367.


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