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Personal Details

Name: Dr. Harald Fritz
Birth date February 17th, 1956
Citizenship Austrian
Marital status Married, 3 children
Current Position a.o. Univ-Prof. at University Graz, Austria
Email harald.fritz@uni-graz.at


1975-1986: PHD studies in Earth Sciences University Graz.

January 1987: Promotion Dr. Phil. at University Graz.

December 1996: Habilitation for Geology at University Graz

Scientific topics

Structural Geology and Tectonics, Geodynamics, Isotope Geology.

Language Education

German: Mother tongue

English: fluent

Extracurricular Activities

Mountain climbing, Music


Short titles of funded projects

1986-1991: Pre-Alpine Evolution of Austria, Bohemian Massif (FWF project, member)

1993-1998: Geodynamic Evolution in NE-Africa, Egypt (Two FWF projects co-applicant)

1998-2001: Pan-African Orogenesis in Kenya-Tanzania (FWF projects, co-applicant)

1999-2001: Closed System Deformation, Exhumation of the High Himalayan Crystalline Wedge (FWF project, project leader)

1999-2002: Thermal and Isotopic regimes during Thrusting and Extension (FWF Project, project leader)

2002-2005: Pan-African Orogenesis in the Mozambique Belt (FWF project, co-applicant).

2005-2008: Lower crustal processes in the granulite belts of Tanzania (FWF project, collaborator).

Since 2007: Diamonds, Xenolithes and Kimberlites (IGCP557) (collaborator)


Further scientific work

Since 1990: Continuous work in the Alps.

Since 1990: Continuous work in East Africa (Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania)

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