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Lecturer for palaeontology and stratigraphy at the institute
The Institute of Earth Sciences is looking for a Lecturer (40 hours a week; fixed-term employment until 6 years; position to be filled as of September 2nd 2019) Your duties: Independent conducting of lectures and examinations in German and English language within the Bachelor and Master programmes in Geosciences and the teacher training in biology and environment (12 weekly hours per semester), Supervision of Bachelor's and Master's theses in palaeontology and stratigraphy, Contribution

Next Events

Prof. David Dolejs: Simulating and interpreting igneous texture: from crystal nucleation to intrusion dynamics (ÖMG)

Prof. Carmelo Ferlito: Understanding the "strange" activity of Mount Etna, the ultimate challenge in volcanology (ÖMG)

Dr. Joan Segehdi: Ciomadul volcano- the youngest volcano of the Carpathian-Pannonian Region- results of the former studies and the present knowledge based on the new results(ÖGG)

Prof. Albrecht Von Quadt: How long does it take to make a giant porphyry copper deposit? (ÖMG)

Prof. Mark Brandon: Topographic evolution of the Andes in southern South America

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