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UZAG-Seminar für
Dissertantinnen und Dissertanten
der TU Graz, MU Leoben und Uni Graz

Graz, 2017-11-22, 16:15: Uni Graz, SR 02.25
Hana Lee GigaPan-Image based 3D Reconstruction for Engineering Geological Investigation
Graz, 2017-11-29, 16:15: Uni Graz, SR 02.25
Nikolaus Petschacher Reinjection in sandstone formations – Challenge for deep geothermal energy production
Dennis Quandt Fluid circulation in the Troodos supra-subduction zone: preliminary insights from stable isotopes and trace elements
Graz, 2017-12-06, 16:15: TU Graz, SR ATEG152
Anja Füger Control of growth rate on Li/Ca values during the growth of calcite – an experimental approach
Bettina Purgstaller /
Steffen Birk
Writing research proposals – from a project idea to your postdoc position
Graz, 2017-12-13, 16:15: Uni Graz, SR 02.25
Isaline Demangel Calcareous Nannoplankton in the Upper Triassic
Florian Steindl Sulfate attack on concrete: Mechanisms and new test methods
Graz, 2018-01-17, 16:15: Uni Graz, SR 02.25
Stefanie Eichinger Carbonate formation in aquatic systems-monitoring, reaction mechanisms and kinetics
Graz, 2018-01-26, 10:00: TU Graz, SR ATEG152
Lisa Brückner Comparison of three pesticide fate models based on lysimeter data of s-metolachlor from the Wagna test site
Katja Götschl Understanding processes during ACC transformation - An experimental approach
Nils Frank Detrital U/Pb zircon age distribution in Alpine mono- , bi- and polymetamorphic metasedimentary rocks in the Eastern Alps.
Isaac John Kell Duivestein Controls of temperature, seed material and alkalinity on the physiochemical properties of dolomite and magnesite during high-temperature synthesis experiments
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