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UZAG-Seminar für DissertantInnen der TU Graz, MU Leoben und KFU Graz

Graz, 2011-12-16, 9.30: HS 02.21 (Universitätsplatz 2, 2.OG - please note this is not our Institute's lecture room but next to it)
Yanlong Chen The Triassic conodont biostratigraphy at Jiarong section and Guandao section in Guizhou province, South China
Marcus Pauritsch Water resources of relict rock glaciers
Graz, 2012-01-13, 9.30: HS XII (ATEG036)
Artur Deditius Nanogeoscience in ore systems research
Daniel Höllen Hydrothermal synthesis of a hierarchically structured material from diatomite for the fixation of heavy metal ions
Thomas Rinder Chemical evolution of groundwater by shotcrete interaction
Graz, 2012-01-27, 9.30: Seminarraum SR 09.02, Heinrichstr. 26
Cyril Mayaud Influence of grid spacing on nummerically simulated responses of karst springs
Prayath Nantasin The Thabsila metamorphic complex in the Three Pagodas shear zone, western Thailand: Petrology, geochronology and structures
Abraham Degu Groundwater dynamics of the southern main Ethiopian Rift (Smer) in Great East African Rift Valley, Ethiopia
Leoben, 2012-02-17, 09:00: 50PTEG022 (SR A), Peter-Tunner-Straße 5, Erdgeschoß
Traditional and innovative techniques to investigate PGM and their host rocks
Oskar Thalhammer,
Anna Vymazalova
and Federica Zaccarini
Introduction to the seminar
Prof. Bob Martin Crustal carbonatites, pyroxenites, and a potential new target of exploration for PGM
Dr. Anna Vymazalova Application of Experimental Mineralogy to the Description of New PGM
D.I. Thomas Aiglsperger Investigation of PGM using Hydro-Separation Concentrates
10:20 - 10:40 coffee break
Dr. Evgeny Pushkarev Geological and mineralogical evidences of the relatively low temperature origin of the PGM-rich chromitites related with the Uralian-Alaskan-type complexes
Prof. Monica Escayola PGM and chromitites from Canada: the examples of Newfoundland and Yukon
Prof. Davide Lenaz The crystal structure of Cr-spinels and its significance
Prof. Ibrahim Uysal PGM in the Turkish chromitites: the state of the art.
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch
Dr. Amir Morteza PGM in the Khoy ophilotic chromitites (Iran)
MS Raphael Baumgartner Mineralogical investigation of the Bracco chromitites (Northern-Apennine, Italy)
D.I. Peter Kolleger Mineralogical Residence of Platinum Group Elements (PGE) in the Fe-Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposits of the Ivrea Verbano Zone (Italy)
14:30 - 14:40 coffe break
Dr. Maryse Ohnenstetter The occurrence of PGM in mantle peridotites
Prof. Francisco Longo Geology and mining activity in the Falcondo Xstrata Nickel mine (Dominican Republic), the locality type of two new PGM: garutiite and zaccariniite
Prof. Joaquin Proenza The Loma Peguera chromitites of Santo Domingo: a source of new platinum group minerals (PGM) species
Dr. Melanie Kaliwoda Preliminary title: Meteorite and their potential for PGM
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