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UZAG-Seminar für DissertandInnen der TU Graz, MU Leoben und KFU Graz

Graz, 2009-11-27, 10:00: TU Graz, Rechbauerstrasse 12, ATEG 152

Chair: Bernhard Hubinger

Roland Krenn Fractals and scaling in Earth Sciences
Thomas Wagner First successful burial age dating of cave sediments in the Eastern Alps
Nicolas Legrain Landscape evolution of the non-glaciated Alps

Graz, 2009-12-11, 10:00: KFU Graz, Universitätsplatz 2/II, HS 02.21

Chair: Emilie Bruand

Thomas Wiedl A carbonate platform on the edge — from MMCO to MCT
Michaela Koch Hydraulic evolution of cataclasitic fault zones in crystalline rocks
Barbara Puhr Petrology of metacarbonate rocks of the Austroalpine Basement east of the Tauern Window (Austria)

Leoben, 2010-01-15, 10:00: MU Leoben, Peter-Tunner-Gebäude, Peter-Tunner-Str. 5, Seminarraum A (EG)

Chair: Oliver Krische, Thomas Wiedl

Deta Gasser Timing of metamorphism in the Chugach metamorphic complex: An U-Pb, Ar-Ar and Rb-Sr study
Tamer Sabry Abu-Alam The metamorphic evolution of migmatites in the Wadi Feiran region, Southwest Sinai
Prayath Nantasin Petrography and mineral chemistry of the Thab Sila Gneiss, Kanchanaburi Province, Western Thailand
Daniel Höllen Adsorption of silica on gibbsite - mechanisms, kinetics and silicon isotope fractionation
Omar Mohamed Palynological respond at the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary in the Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria
Frank Gitter On the facies of the Frankfurt Formation in the Mainz Basin (Upper Hydrobian Beds, Lower Miocene): Biostratigraphy, correlation and palaeogeographie

Graz, 2010-01-29, 10:00: TU Graz, Rechbauerstraße 12, Hörsaal HS VI

Chair: Thomas Wagner, Andrea Niedermayr

Andrea Niedermayr Formation of different CaCO3 phases: Chemical and isotopic signatures
Tewodros Alemayehu Tesafmichael Geochemical evolution of groundwater quality in deep and shallow wells of volcanic aquifer in Axum, Ethiopia
Bernhard Hubinger Karst genesis and influence on transport characteristics
Emilie Bruand Petrology and evolution of the PT conditions through the Chugach Metamorphic Complex (Alaska). Melt with fluid assistance?
Patrick Grunert Facies-analysis of the Early Miocene Hall Formation in Upper Austria
Andrea Kern Comparing the Early and Late Miocene climate by using pollen-based reconstruction.
Oliver Krische Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of selected profiles from Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous basins in the Central Northern Calcareous Alps (Salzburg, Austria)
Daniela Engl A new modelling approach for creep analysis of rockslides
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