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UZAG-Seminar für
Dissertantinnen und Dissertanten
der TU Graz, MU Leoben und Uni Graz

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Graz, 2017-05-10, 15:00: Uni Graz, SR 09.02 (Heinrichstraße 26)
Magdalena Mandl Pre-Alpine evolution of Austroalpine basement within the Seckau Nappe System (Eastern Alps): Constraints from U-Pb zircon geochronology
Graz, 2017-05-24, 15:00: TU Graz, ATEG152 (Rechbauerstraße 12)
Anja Füger Calibration of elemental and isotope proxies by inorganic precipitation experiments
Peter Micheuz From vein precipitates to deformation and fluid rock interaction within a supra subduction zone (the IB fore arc)
Lisa Brückner Reactive transport of pesticides - determination of substance properties and modelling of pesticide fate in the vadose zone
Graz, 2017-06-07, 15:00: Uni Graz, SR 09.02 (Heinrichstraße 26)
Dominik Sorger Metamorphic evolution of granulite facies rocks from the Drosendorf nappe (Bohemian Massif)
Philip Schantl Formation and distribution of granulites within the Moldanubian Nappe System in Lower Austria
Dennis Quandt Fluid inclusion microthermometry of vein minerals hosted in pillow lavas from the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus
Graz, 2017-06-14, 15:00: Uni Graz, SR 09.02 (Heinrichstraße 26)
Jennifer Brandstätter Determination of the fluid source of hydrothermal veins within the Cocos Ridge basalt and the sedimentary cover by geochemical analyses
Florian Steindl Formation and stability of hydrated cement phases in the presence of foreign ions
Kell Duivestein Formation of dolomite and magnesite through intermediate metastable – an experimental approach from 150 – 220°C
Graz, 2017-06-30, 10:00: TU Graz, ATEG152 (Rechbauerstraße 12)
Isaline Demangel Calcareous Nannoplankton in the Upper Triassic
Zsofia Kovacs Multi-proxy characterization of the influence of the rising pelagic calcification on seawater chemistry
Jessica Stammeier Cambrian Phosphorites as an archive of the bio-geochemical evolution during the Cambrian Explosion - A coupled isotope investigation
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