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UZAG-Seminar für DissertantInnen der TU Graz, MU Leoben und KFU Graz

Graz, 2013-04-08, 9:00: ATEG152 (Rechbauerstr. 12)
guest lectures related to the NAWI Graz Central Lab in Earth Sciences
Dr. Christelle Not
(University of Tokyo, Japan)
The radiogenic isotopes toolbox to study the paleoclimate of the Arctic Ocean
Dr. Dorothee Hippler
(Technische Universität Berlin)
Sedimentary phosphate deposits as archives of the early marine P cycle and its importance for the Precambrian-Cambrian evolution of lifementary phosphate
Dr. Barbara Teichert
(Universität Münster):
Early diagenetic processes revealed by isotopic fingerprints
Dr. Biljana Starijas Mayer
(Universität Salzburg)
A multimethodical Th-U-Pb dating study of zircon and monazite from the Moslavacka Gora Massif (Croatia)
Graz, 2013-04-11, 9:00: ATEG152 (Rechbauerstr. 12)
guest lectures related to the NAWI Graz Central Lab in Earth Sciences
Dr. Bettina Wiegand
(Universität Göttingen)
Sr and Ca isotopes as solute tracer in small forested catchments
Dr. Kathrin Abraham
(Oxford University, United Kingdom)
Tungsten Stable Isotopes - development of a new stable isotope system
Dr. Sonja Aulbach
(Goethe Universität, Frankfurt)
Cratons as Archives of Early Earth Processes
Dr. Geerke Floor
(Joint Research Centre, Belgium)
Analytical methods in geochemistry: a black box or tool box?
Leoben, 2013-05-03, 9:30: 31TTEGE23 (SR Geophysik)
Keine Vorträge
Graz, 2013-06-07, 9:30: SR 02.25 (Universitätsplatz 2, 2. OG)
Elisabeth Henjes-Kunst Sulfur isotope variations in sulfides from the Pb-Zn deposits in the Drau Range -implications for ore genesis.
Markus Kaspar The Dangkhar landslide-further insights to unravelling of a worldclass event.
Mahmoud Mohamed Ali Hassan Indirect dating of deformation: a geochronological study from the PanAfrican Ajaj shear zone, Saudi Arabia.
Abraham Degu Spatial and temporal variability of groundwater recharge in Gidabo Basin, Southern Main Ethiopian Rift
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