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UZAG-Seminar für DissertantInnen der TU Graz, MU Leoben und KFU Graz

Leoben, 2011-06-10, 9:30: Seminarraum A, Peter-Tunner-Gebäude, EG
Peter Kollegger Determination of fluids involved in ore genesis by RAMAN spectroscopy in apatites
Gregor Scheipl Printed pyroelectrical polymer Sensors with integrated oTFT‘s
Oliver Krische, Walter Schön,
Peter Kollegger, Elisabeth Henjes-Kunst
Presentations by the Participants of the UZAG Field Workshop
Graz, 2011-06-22, 9:30: SR 02.25, Universitätsplatz 2, 2. OG
Oliver Kriesche An East – West and a North – South Profile through the cretaceous syncline of Bad Ischl (Central Salzkammergut area, Upper Austria)
Nicholas Legrain Channel and hillslopes response to an incision wave in a slowly eroding mountainous area
Angela Oswald Channel Morphology in Southern Sinaid
Graz, 2011-07-01, 9:00: ATEG 152, Rechbauerstrasse 12
Walter Schön Correlations between substrate and soil-chemical and -mineralogical parameters from the alliance‘s prime examples and country‘s primae examples of Styria
Andrea Kern Tortonian small-scale vegetation dynamics within a solar-cycle influenced lake-environment
Stefan Neumeister Triassic and Jurassic source rock investigations of the Alpine/Dinaric realm as a tool for basin analysis
Jürgen Gusterhuber A 2D Basin and Petrolem Systems Modelling study in an overthrust setting – the Alpine Molasse Basin, Austria
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