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Topics of dissertations

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Brandstätter Jennifer Kurz, Fritz Deformation mechanisms within an erosive plate margin
Brückner Lisa Birk, Fank Reactive transport of pesticides: From local processes within the unsaturated zone to regional groundwater modelling
Caporaletti Marco Piller Carbon Stable Isotopes in Ostracods from Lake Pannon (Miocene)
Demangel Isaline Richoz, Piller Calcareous Nannoplankton in the Upper Triassic
Frank Nils Hauzenberger, Kurz Detrital U/Pb circon age distribution in Eo-Alpine mono- and polymetamorphic metasedimentary rocks in the Eastern Alps
Garcia Gallardo Angela Piller, Hubmann The early history of the mediterranean-atlantic exchange following the opening of the Gibraltar gateway
Gitter Frank Piller Evolution und Phylogenie von Cyprideis Costracoda
Haas Johannes Birk, Steiner Impact of climate change on groundwater resources: Feedback mechanisms and thresholds under drought conditions
Hubinger Bernhard Birk, Hergarten Transporteigenschaften als Prägung der Karstentwicklung
Kovacs Zsofia Richoz, Hippler Multi-proxy characterization of the influence of the rising pelagic calcification on seawater chemistry
Mandl Magdalena Kurz, Fritz Tectonometamorphic evolution of the Central Austroalpine nappe system
Meyer Juliane Piller, Hubmann Geochemical characterization of Neotropical ostracods with special emphasis on Cytheridella
Micheuz Peter Kurz, Dietzel Deformation mechanisms oft he Izu-Bonin-Mariana fore-arc
NONG Thi Quynh Anh Hauzenberger, Kurz Geochemistry and Geochronology of Granitoids in the Southwest of Vietnam, Implication for the Mesozoic-Pacific Magmatism and Associated Mineralization
Oswald Angela Stüwe Landscape Evolution of the Red Sea Rift Margins
Quandt Dennis Kurz, Piller Fault- and fluid-systems subsequent to subduction initiation in the outer Izu-Bonin-Mariana fore arc and within supra subduction zone ophiolites
Raič Sara Mogessie, Melcher Petrology and mineralization along the basal zone of the duluth complex, Minnesota, USA
Schantl Philip Hauzenberger, Stüwe Formation and distribution of granulites within the Moldanubian Nappe System
Slawitsch Veronika Birk, Kurz Impact of climate change on soil hydraulic properties and root water uptake - a lysimeter approach
Sorger Dominik Hauzenberger, Kurz Petrological and tectonic evolution of the Bavarian Unit, Bohemian Massif


Abu Alam Tamer Sabry Zaki Stüwe The metamorphic evolution of migmatites in the Wadi Feiran Region, Southwest Sinai
Ali Hassan Mahmoud Mohamed Stüwe Tectonic Evolution of Sinai, Egypt
Ali Turab Syed Stüwe Structural Geology of NW Kohat Plateau (Hangu and Kohat transect) with Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
Auer Gerald Piller, Harzhauser Paleoecology and stratigraphy of Oligo-/Miocene Sections in the Mediterranean
Banks Kenneth Piller Geobiological Aspects of the Southeast Florida Continental Reef Tract
Bruand Emilie Stüwe A petrological study of the Chugach Metamorphic Complex in southern Alaska
Chen Yanlong Piller Middle Triassic Palaeoecological Crisis
Degu Abraham Mechal Birk Groundwater System Analysis of Southern of Main Ethiopian Rift (Abaya and Chamo lakes System)
Gallien Florian Mogessie Metamorphism and mineralization of the Sierras de Valle Fèrtil and La Huerta, Province San Juan, Argentina
Gasser Deta Stüwe Extrusion og Chugach Metamorphic Complex, Alaska
Georgopoulou Elisavet Harzhauser Holocene and Pleistocene Gastropod Biodiversity in European freshwater systems
Grunert Patrick Piller Integrated Facies-Analysis and Stratigraphy of the Early Miocene North Alpine Foreland Basin (Upper Austria)
Hausegger Stefan Kurz Kataklasite in Karbonaten
Kern Andrea Piller Harzhauser Miozäne hochfrequente Vegetations &-Klima Variabilität
Krenn Roland Hergarten Natural Hazards and Self-Organized Criticality
Legrain Nicolas Stüwe, Hergarten Landscape evolution of the non-glaciated part of the Alps
Mayaud Cyril Birk Groundwater modeling in karst terrains using single-continuum models
Mohamed Omar Piller Dinoflagellates and palynofacies around the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary in the Eastern Alps
Monfaredi Behzad Hauzenberger Petrology and Geochemistry of the Hamedan Region, Iran
Müllegger Stefan Piller The SE-Atlantic in the Late Pleistocene and Holocene: Paleoceanographic interpretations based on sedimentological, geochemical and foraminiferal data
Nantasin Prayath Hauzenberger Metamorphic Evolution of the Thabsila Metamorphic Complex and the Sri Sawat Contact Aureole, Kanchanaburi Province
Pauritsch Marcus Birk Grundwasserspeicherung und Entwässerungsdynamik reliktischer Blockgletscher in den steirischen Niederen Tauern
Prayath Nantasin Hauzenberger, Mogessie Metamorphic Evolution of the Thabsila Metamorphic Complex and the Sri Sawat Contact Aureole, Kanchanaburi Province
Puhr Barbara Hoinkes Metamorphic evolution and geochemistry of metacarbonates rocks of the Austroalpine Basement
Robl Jörg Stüwe Continental Collision with Finite Indenter Strength
Scheipl Gregor Mogessie Developing of fully printed pyro-/piezoelectrical polymer sensors based on PVDF
Soliman Ali Piller Lower and Middle Miocene Dinoflagellate Cysts, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
Theobalt Dörte Harzhauser, Piller Integrated stratigraphy of the Lower Miocene depositional systems in the Western Vienna Basin
Wagner Thomas Stüwe Young Uplift in the Non-glaciated Parts of the Eastern Alps: Geomorphological and Geochronological Constraints
Wiedl Thomas Piller The Leitha Mts. Carbonate Platform - A Recorder for Miocene Environments and Climate Change
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