Scientific program

Session 1: Applied Mineralogy and Environmental Geochemistry

Conveners: Martin Dietzel and Volker Kahlenberg

Material sciences; cements and ceramics; weathering, alteration and neoformation of minerals; aqueous geochemistry; natural and anthropogenic environments; elemental and isotopic proxies; biomineralogy; archeometry; laboratory experiments, technical applications and field studies.

Session 2: Mineralogy and Crystallography

Conveners: Franz Walter and Eugen Libowitzky

New minerals and their classification; crystal chemistry; crystal structure solution; development and applications of analytical methods; topotaxis of rock forming minerals.

Session 3: Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry of the Lithosphere

Conveners: Georg Hoinkes and Christoph Hauzenberger

Metamorphic petrology of orogens; petrology and geochemistry of magmatic rocks; trace elements and isotope geochemistry; geochronology.

Session 4: Mineral- and Ore Deposits

Conveners: Aberra Mogessie and Johann Raith

Mineral raw materials (metals, industrial minerals, building stones, etc.);  application of mineralogy in raw material; genesis of mineral deposits  (ferrous, non-ferrous, precious metals).

Session 5: Open Session

Conveners: Dietmar Klammer and Hans-Peter Bojar

 All aspects in mineralogy, petrology and related fields which are not covered by the four main sessions.


Thursday (Sept 19): Universalmuseum Joanneum, Joanneumsviertel, Raubergasse 10, 8010 Graz

from 17:00 Registration at Joanneum, free visit of geoscience collection (without guide)
18:00-18:45 Opening Opening ceremony
18:45-19:15 Prize Machatschki prize to Hannes Krüger (Laudatio Kahlenberg, 15 min)
ÖMG Honorary Membership to Walter Postl (Laudatio Moser, 15 min)
19:15-20:00 Public Lecture Walter Postl: Über Gesteine und Mineralvorkommen der Koralpe
20:00-22:00 Icebreaker Party

Friday (Sept. 20): HS I, Graz University of Technology, Rechbauerstraße 12, 8010 Graz

8:00-9:00 Registration at foyer of HS I, Graz University of Technology, Rechbauerstraße 12
  Session 1: Applied Mineralogy and Environmental Geochemistry
(Conveners: Martin Dietzel, Volker Kahlenberg)
9:00-9:30 Keynote Schmahl, Grießhaber, Jordan, Ziegler, Kelm, Maier: Mechanical functionalization of minerals by organisms
9:30-9:45 Talk Brandl, Hauzenberger, Postl, Trnka: New approaches for chert source provenance studies
9:45-10:00 Talk Purgstaller, Niedermayr, Dietzel: Carbonate formation at alkaline conditions
10:00-10:15 Talk Schuster, Abart, Schafler: Torsional deformation of calcite
10:15-10:30 Talk Kaindl, Pichler, Fischer, Jakopic, Waldhauser: Graphene- and graphite-like thin films from amorphous carbon coatings
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-11:15 Invited Talk Böttcher: Barium, manganese, iron and sulfur authigenesis in modern euxinic basins: The state of the art
11:15-11:30 Talk Baldermann, Warr, Grathoff, Dietzel: The rate and mechanism of deep sea glauconite formation
11:30-11:45 Talk Bauer, Rollinger, Krumpel, Hoad, Pascual, Rogers, Krenn: ZrO2 in refractory products: Characterization methods
11:45-12:00 Talk Grengg, Mittermayr, Baldermann, Böttcher, Leis, Dietzel: Bacteriogenically induced sulfuric acid attack on concrete in an austrian sewer system
12:00-12:15 Talk Höllen, Schubernig, Aldrian, Czyzykiewicz, Sarc, Pomberger, Raith: Mineralogy and leachability of iron work slags
12:15-12:30 Talk Maier, Kahlenberg, Thome: Mineralogical investigations on melting products from incinerator bottom ashes
12:30-14:00 Lunch break
  Session 3: Mineralogy, Petrology & Geochemistry of the Lithosphere
(Conveners: Georg Hoinkes, Christoph Hauzenberger)
14:00-14:30 Keynote Cesare: Melt inclusions in migmatites and granulites
14:30-14:45 Talk Frei: U-Pb microgeochronology by laser ablation ICP-MS: Applications, limitations and future developments
14:45-15:00 Talk Abart, Jerabek: Element partitioning at a propagating reaction front: Experiment and theory
15:00-15:15 Talk Schaeffer, Petrishcheva, Habler, Abart, Rhede, Zaefferer: Na-K interdiffusion in alkali feldspar – Composition dependence, anisotropy and chemically induced stress
15:15-15:30 Talk Wyhlidal, Tropper: Experimental constraints on the permian contact metamorphic event in metapelites from the southern rim of the Brixen granodiorite (South Tyrol, Italy)
15:30-16:00 Coffee break
16:00-16:15 Talk Aßbichler, Proyer: Evidence for bimetasomatism between eclogite and adjacent rocks from the Tauern Window, Austria
16:15-16:30 Talk Puhr, Hoinkes, Schuster, Proyer: Metamorphic evolution of the Koralpe-Wölz high P/T nappe pile east of the Tauern Window (Eastern Alps): Record from siliceous dolomitic marbles and scapolite-bearing calcsilicate rocks
16:30-16:45 Talk Klemd, Meyer, Hegner, Konopelko: Eclogite-facies mafic oceanic and continental crustal rocks from the Aktyuz and Makbal complexes, Tianshan Mountains (Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan): Geodynamic implications
16:45-17:00 Talk Palzer, Österle, Klötzli: New constraints on the Mae Ping core-complex, NW-Thailand: Is it an Indosinian relict?
17:00-17:15 Talk Abu Alam, Hassan, Stüwe, Kadi: Multistage tectonism during Gondwana collision: Baladiyah Complex, Saudi Arabia
17:15-18:15 Poster Session in HS II: For Sessions 1 and 3
From 19:30 Gala Dinner

Saturday (Sept. 21): HS I, Graz University of Technology, Rechbauerstraße 12, 8010 Graz

8:00-8:30 Registration at foyer of HS I, Graz University of Technology, Rechbauerstraße 12
  Session 4: Mineral- and Ore Deposits
(Conveners: Aberra Mogessie, Johann Raith)
8:30-9:00 Keynote Molnar: Orogenic gold deposits in Finland
9:00-9:15 Talk Beukes, Gauert: Investigation of hangingwall norites of the Merensky Reef Unit at Two Rivers Platinum Mine, Eastern Bushveld
9:15-9:30 Talk Benko, Molnár, Mogessie, Poulson, Arehart, Severson, Hauck, Raič: Sulfur isotope variation of sulfide ores in function of footwall-magma contamination within the Bathtub Intrusion, Duluth Complex, USA
9:30-9:45 Talk Kozlik, Raith: Geochemical aspects of the mineralised early carboniferous K1-K3 orthogneiss in the Felbertal scheelite deposit (Austria)
  Session 5: Open Session
(Conveners: Dietmar Klammer, Hans-PeterBojar)
9:45-10:00 Talk Tropper, Haefeker, Schneider, Braunhofer, Pupp: Hot, hotter, hottest: Extreme cases of anthropogenic pyrometamorphism
10:00-10:30 Coffee break
10:30-11:00 Keynote Krüger: Layered structures: Examples of disorder
  Session 2: Mineralogy and Crystallography
(Conveners: Franz Walter, Eugen Libowitzky)
11:00-11:30 Keynote Miletich: In very tight places! – structural transformations of minerals under extreme conditions
11:30-11:45 Talk Effenberger, Miletich, Libowitzky: On the true space-group symmetry of norsethite, BaMg(CO3)2
11:45-12:00 Talk Manninger, Kahlenberg: Synthesis and crystal structures of new alkali-REE-fluorosilicates
12:00-12.15 Talk Ertl, Vereshchagin, Giester, Meyer, Ludwig, Rozhdestvenskaya, Frank-Kamenetskaya: Structural and chemical investigation of a zoned synthetic Cu-rich tourmaline
12:15-12:30 Talk Nasdala, Kostrovitsky, Kennedy, Zeug: Retention of radiation damage in zircon xenocrysts from kimberlites, northern Yakutia
12:30-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-14:15 Talk Redhammer, Senyshyn, Roth, Tippelt: Crystal and magnetic spin structure of germanium-hedenbergite, CaFeGe2O6
14:15-14:30 Talk Talla, Wildner, Beran, Škoda, Losos: On the presence of hydrous defects in differently coloured wulfenites (PbMoO4): An infrared and optical spectroscopic study
  Session 3: Mineralogy, Petrology & Geochemistry of the Lithosphere
(Conveners: Georg Hoinkes, Christoph Hauzenberger)
14:30-14:45 Talk Stalder, Neuser: OH-defects in detrital quartz grains
14:45-15:00 Talk Kuleci, Abart, Schmidt: The hydration of periclase to brucite: An experimental study
15:00-15:15 Talk Klötzli, Kovaleva: Plastic deformation of zircon: A high-T deformation dating tool?
15:15-15:30 Talk Kovaleva, Klötzli: Zircon plastic deformation examples from the Tauern Window
15:30-16:00 Coffee break
16:00-16:15 Talk Ntaflos, Aschchepkov, Koutsovitis, Hauzenberger, Asseva: Delaminated lithospheric mantle from far east Russia affected by exotic metasomatism
16:15-16:30 Talk Mundl, Ntaflos, Bjerg, Hauzenberger, Ackerman: Lithospheric mantle heterogeneities beneath southern Patagonia
16:30-16:45 Talk Eberlei, Habler, Thöni, Schuster: New Rb-Sr data from permian meta-pegmatites in the Austroalpine Matsch Unit
16:45-17:00 Talk Prokop, Losos, Karásek, Čopjaková: Mineralogy and genesis of pegmatite-like veins in serpentinite eluvium at Nova Ves near Oslavany (Czech Republic)
17:00-18:00 Poster Session in HS II: For Sessions 2, 4 and 5

Sunday (Sept. 22): Field trip #1: Eclogites and Peridotites, Pohorje Mountains, Slovenia

Excursion leaders: Christoph Hauzenberger, Walter Postl
Departure: 8:30, Rechbauerstraße 12, Graz University of Technology

For those that do not attend field trip #1 there is a possibility to have a guided tour through the Natural Science House of Universalmuseum Joanneum. Starts at 10:00, meeting point: Visitors’ center of Univeralmuseum Joanneum, Joanneumsviertel.

Monday (Sept. 23): Field trip #2: RHI / Breitenau (Underground magnesite mining), Styria

Excursion leaders: Hans-Peter Bojar, Dietmar Klammer
Departure: 8:30, Rechbauerstraße 12, Graz University of Technology
Estimated return: latest 18:00, Rechbauerstraße 12



The poster should be placed on the available boards at the morning of the respective session in Hörsaal II (For Sessions 1 and 3 on Friday, for Sessions 2, 4 and 5 on Saturday). The poster size is A0 portrait (84 cm wide, 119 cm tall), and they must be fixed by tape only.

  Poster Session 1: Applied Mineralogy and Environmental Geochemistry (Friday, September 20)
P01 Berninger, Jordan, Schott, Oelkers Assessing dolomite reactivity by hydrothermal atomic force microscopy
P02 Höllen, Klammer, Letofsky-Papst, Dietzel Tailoring of a Hierarchically Structured Material from Diatomite
P03 Mittermayr, Baldermann, Klammer, Leis, Dietzel Concrete deterioration - reaction mechanisms revealed by a multiproxy approach
P04 Nickel, Warr Experimental alteration studies at the bentonite-cement interface
P05 Onuk; Dietzel Formation of helectite in the cave Dragon Belly (Sardinia)
P06 Rauschenbach, Köhler, McCleaf, Höllen, Dietzel Calcium carbonate formation in fluidized bed pellet reactors to reduce Ca, U and DOC in drinking water (Upsala, Sweden)
P07 Rinder, Dietzel Mixing of aqueous solutions - impact on dissolution and precipitation of calcium carbonate
P08 Schön, Dietzel, Leis Chemical and isotopic composition of soil solutions from Cambisols (Austria)-field study and experiments
P09 Stickler, Deditius, Baldermann, Leis, Dietzel Geochemistry and structure of dolomite and calcite at Oker (Germany)
P10 Thaller, Mittermayr, Baldermann, Fischer, Leis, Dietzel Concrete deterioration - formation conditions traced by crystal water of sulfate minerals
P11 Vrhovnik, Rogan Šmuc, Dolenec, Serafimovski, Tasev, Dolenec Content of chalcophile elements in Lake Kalimanci surface sediments (Republic of Macedonia)
  Poster Session 2: Mineralogy and Crystallography (Saturday, September 21)
P12 Artač, Pippinger, Nestola, Redhammer, Miletich Pressure-induced phase-transformations in LiAlGe2O6 and LiCrGe2O6 clinopyroxenes
P13 Bechtold, Wildner Crystal chemistry of kieserite - cobaltkieserite solid solutions Mg1-xCox(SO4) H2O
P14 Đorđević Mineral-like arsenates: Crystal structure of Sr2Mg(AsO4)2 2H2O with kröhnkite-type chains
P15 Grom, Rečnik, Samardžija, Vrhovnik, Daneu, Dolenec Zonation and Bi-rich inclusions in andradite crystals from Kope skarn deposit, Slovenia
P16 Haefeker, Kaindl, Tropper The effect of class 1 H2O on a Raman active T2 stretching mode in Mg-cordierite
P17 Haefeker, Kaindl, Tropper, Konzett Raman spectroscopy of N2 in natural cordierite and beryl single crystals
P18 Haefeker, Kaindl, Tropper, Krüger, Kahlenberg, Orlova Structural and Raman-spectroscopic investigations of synthetic hexagonal and orthorhombic Fe-cordierite
P19 Hejny, Konzett Cr-incorporation into kyanite: A high pressure experimental and crystallographic study
P20 Kolitsch, Ciriotti, Blaß Preliminary data on a new natural Ca-Ce4+-arsenate and its crystal structure
P21 Kolitsch, Giester The crystal structure of a new secondary zinc mineral from Lavrion, Greece: Zn9(SO4)2(OH)12Cl2•6H2O
P22 Krüger, Tropper, Haefeker, Kahlenberg, Többens, Fuchs, Olieric, Troitzsch Single-crystal structure and Raman spectroscopy of synthetic CaAlSiO4F
P23 Krüger, Tropper, Haefeker, Tribus, Kahlenberg, Wikete, Fuchs, Olieric Mn33(Si2O5)14 (OH)38: A new Manganese phyllosilicate mineral from the Tyrol
P24 Lenz, Nasdala Potential estimation of radiation-induced structural disorder with REE3+ luminescence spectroscopy
P25 Mirwald Decomposition of clathrate hydrates as indicator of anomalous PVT-behaviour of water
P26 Mirwald, Miletich, Loerting Anomalous compression behaviour of cordierite
P27 Oberwandling, Pristacz, Kolitsch, Lengauer Structural characterization of lannonite from the Anna Mine, Alsdorf, Germany
P28 Ormandi, Dódony Synthesis and structure examination of LTA-type zeolite
P29 Pristacz, Giester, Rieck, Lengauer Thermal behaviour of the new mineral Cairncrossite, Sr2Ca7(Si4O10)4(OH)2 * 15 H2O
P30 Redhammer, Tippelt The C2/c-P21/c phase transition within the synthetic clinopyroxene-series NaFeGe2O6-LiFeGe2O6
P31 Tessadri, Kahlenberg, Schmidmair, Haefeker Ca2Mg(NO3)6 *12H2O – first results on a new compound retrieved from chimney deposits of a combined heat and power plant
P32 Walter, Bojar Joanneumite, Cu(C3N3O3H2)2(NH3)2, a new mineral species with ammine and isocyanurate groups
P33 Wittwer, Nasdala, Wildner, Wanthanachaisaeng, Bunnag, Giester Colour enhancement of Ratanakiri (Cambodia) gem zircon
Poster Session 3: Mineralogy, Petrology & Geochemistry of the Lithosphere (Friday, September 20)
P34 Blümel, Ntaflos, Ashchep-kov, Prikhodko, Gregoire Low temperature earth mantle xenoliths from Sikhote-Alin, Far East Russia
P35 Bourgin, Petrakakis, Abart Symplectites in high pressure granulites from the Gföhl Unit (Dunkelsteinerwald, NÖ)
P36 Čopjakova, Škoda, Vašinová Galiová Scandium and REE-rich tourmaline from the Kracovice pegmatite (Bohemian Massif) and its breakdown to allanite
P37 Doppler, Bakker, Baumgartner The effect of the a-b- quartz transition boundary in re-equilibration experiments
P38 Gasteiger, Tropper, Haefeker, Tessadri Petrographie und Mineralchemie von Betafit aus dem Pollestal (Ötztal-Stubai Kristallin)
P39 Haslinger, Williams, Fröschl, Koller, Gier, Ottner Mineralogy and geochemistry of soils of the Alnö Carbonatite Complex, Sweden
P40 Hauzenberger, Konzett, Khoi, Hoang, Auzinger Petrology of mantle xenoliths from central and south Vietnam
P41 Heinisch, Micheuz, Krenn, Hoinkes, Tropper Garnet zoning and garnet isopleth geothermobarometry at the transition between the Ötztal-Bundschuh nappe system and the Koralm-Wölz high pressure nappe system west of the Tauern Window
P42 Houzar, Hrazdil, Toman Dravite-schorl evolution in tourmalinite from Oparno crystalline complex, Saxothuringicum
P43 Janisch, Mundl, Ntaflos Mantle xenoliths from Bondoró volcanic complex
P44 Kis, Váczi, Weiszburg, Buda Textural position and structural state of zoned zircons from Mórágy, Hungary and Rastenberg, Austria
P45 Kolosova-Satlberger, Ntaflos, Bjerg Metasomatism in the lithospheric mantle beneath southern Patagonia, Argentina
P46 Konrad, Hauzenberger, Konzett Evidence for mantle metasomatism in selected samples from the Styrian basin
P47 Mair, Hauzenberger, Konzett Metasomatic titanites associated with Cl-rich amphibole and phlogopite in multiply metasomatized peridotites from Letsend-La-Terae, Lesotho
P48 Mandl, Hauzenberger, Konzett, Jumanne, Gobba, Nguyen Characterisation of the subcontinental lithospheric mantle beneath the Tanzania Craton based on garnet xenocrysts
P49 Michálek, Putiš, Hauzenberger Petrology of eclogites and associated gneisses of the Polinik structural complex (Kreuzeck Mountains, Eastern Alps)
P50 Micheuz, Krenn, Fritz, Kurz Fuid inclusions from blueschist-facies boudin structures within the phyllite-quartzite unit of the external Hellenides, Greece
P51 Müller, Dohmen, Chakraborty Experimental determination of Fe-Mg interdiffusion rates in clinopyroxene and implications for geothermometry involving ferromagnesian minerals
P52 Nantasin, Hauzenberger, Richoz, Abu-Alam, Wathanakul Contact aureole of the Sri Sawat granite, Kanchanburi province, western Thailand
P53 Novak, Kadlec, Gadas Tourmaline (schorl-dravite) from granitic pegmatites in Vlastĕjovice, Czech Republic: An indicator of fractionation and in-situ contamination
P54 Österle, Palzer, Klötzli New constraints on the timing of the Mae-Ping core-complex (NW-Thailand)
P55 Papadopoulou, Ntaflos, Bjerg, Gregoire Petrological and geochemical studies of mantle xenoliths from Rio Negro province, Argentina
P56 Petrishcheva, Abart, Schaeffer Anisotropic diffusion in alkali feldspar: Reconstruction of the composition-dependent diffusion coefficients
P57 Pfingstl, Hauzenberger, Kurz, Schuster Evolution of the Seckau crystalline basement (Seckau Mountains, Eastern Alps): Implications for pre-alpine magmatism and alpine metamorphism
P58 Skoda, Čopjaková, Novák Influence of non-analyzed light elements on results of electron microprobe
P59 Švecová, Čopjaková, Losos, Cícha Chemistry of Xenotime-(Y) from beryl-columbite pegmatites of the Písek region (Czech Republic)
P60 Taferner, Hauzenberger, Konzett Mineral chemistry and petrology of chromium-bearing kyanites in eclogites from the Pohorje Mountains, Slovenia
P61 Tribus, Pomella, Tropper, Linner Compositional variation of Ba-rich white micas from two different geological settings
P62 Tropper Der Zusammenbruch von Staurolith und Kyanit im westlichen Austroalpin als Monitor für den Grad der eo-alpinen Metamorphose
P63 Tropper Thermodynamic modelling of in-situ eclogitization of metapelites from Val Savenca (Sesia Zone, Western Alps)
P64 Tropper, Haefeker, Wyhlidal Raman spectroscopy of cordierites from Na-in-cordierite experiments: Chemical vs. Structural equilibrium
P65 Tropper, Hauzenberger How do experiments and calculations compare? Experiments versus pseudo-sections: A test from high-P / high-T granulites and the role of Ti and F in biotite
P66 Zöll, Tropper, Haefeker REE-Karbonate in der dioritischen Intrusionsbrekzie bei Schrammbach (Südtirol/Italien): Indikator für tieftemperierte REE Mobilisation
Poster Session 4: Mineral- and Ore Deposits (Saturday, September 21)
P67 Azimzadeh, Ghorbani, Hosseinzadeh, Moayyed Mineralogical investigation of sulfide-oxide mineralization in the Misho mafic-ultramafic complex (NW Iran)
P68 Konrad, Stalder, Tessadri Quantitative phase analysis of lateritic bauxite with NIR-spectroscopy
P69 Konzett, Schneider, Melcher, Hauzenberger, Mundil, Fügenschuh Magmatic staurolite in a pegmatite from the Texel Complex, southern Tyrol - evidence for anatectic formation of beryl-coltan pegmatites in the Austroalpine basement of the Eastern Alps
P70 Krismer, Tropper Fe-Ni-Co-Pb-Zn bearing copper ores in the Mauken Area (Radfeld-Brixlegg, North Tyrol, Austria): Implications for the provenance of Bronze Age "Fahlore-Copper" metal artefacts in the Eastern Alps
P71 Leitner, Raith, Paar Gold in the historic copper deposits at Flatschach, Styria
P72 Onuk, Mogessie, Bjerg, Krenn Mineralization of the mafic-ultramafic rocks of the Las Aguilas-Las Higuera areas, San Luis Province, Argentina
P73 Praschl, Leis, Benischke, Schramm, Böttcher, Daxner, Dietzel Mineralogical, geochemical and isotopic characterisation of evaporites from the "Hallstätter Salzberg"
P74 Raic, Mogessie, Benkó, Molnár, Hauck, Severson Arsenic-enriched Cu-Ni-PGE mineralization in Wetlegs, Duluth Complex, St. Louis County, Minnesota, USA
Poster Session 5: Open Session (Saturday, September 21)
P75 Bojar, Bojar, Hałas, Wojtowicz K-Ar geochronology of igneous amphibole macrocrystals of miocene to pliocene volcaniclastics, Styrian basin, Austria
P76 Brandstätter, Konzett, Koeberl, Ferrière, Mader The Ischgl Meteorite: Finding circumstances, mineralogy and bulk chemistry
P77 Girtler, Tropper, Hauzenberger Androsite-(Ce) and ferriandrosite-(Ce) as indicator for low-grade REE mobility in the Veitsch Mn deposit (Styria)
P78 Krismer, Tropper Copper ore survey in South Tyrol: Possible ore sources for the late Bronze Age (Laugen Culture) smelting site at the Fennhals/Kurtatsch (South Tyrol, Italy)
P79 Pertlik, Zirbs Kristallographische Kuriositäten
P80 Tropper, Pupp, Tessadri Der Zusammenbruch von Zirkon in Trinititen
P81 Tropper, Spielmann Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Knochen-Gesteinswechselwirkung in Brandopferplätzen
P82 Tropper, Trauner, Töchterle Petrographische Untersuchungen prähistorischer (End-Neolithikum-Spätbronzezeit) Keramik vom Kiechlberg
P83 Tropper, Volgger, Pasker, Fickert Mineralogie und Petrologie experimentell erzeugter Pseudofulgurite
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